Testing Environment

There are 2 network environments which allow testing of the software and the creation of the tutorials on Netmon.org.

Small Home Network

Compaq ProLiant 800 with dual Pentium Pro 200 Processors, 512 MB RAM, 2 - 9.1 GB Hard Drives (RAID 0)
Compaq ProLiant 800 with dual Pentium II 450 Processors, 512 MB RAM, 5 - 9.1 GB Ultra Wide SCSI (RAID 5)
Intel 510T 24 100MB Ethernet Port Switch
Linksys BEFW11S4 ver. 2 Wireless Access Point Router
Gateway Pentium 4 Desktop & Gateway Pentium 4 Laptop (with wireless access)
The 2 servers run Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server and the desktop and laptop run Microsoft Windows XP Professional.  It is a single Active Directory Domain and typical services include Microsoft IIS 5, DNS, DHCP, and any monitoring software currently running.  Windows Media Services are also enable occasionally for testing streams.

Large Production Network

This network servers a medium sized K-12 School District with 1800 students. The main campus is a K-6 Elementary School, a 7-12 Middle School/High School, and a District Office with 6 staff members. A small remote K-6 Elementary School is located 10 miles away and in connected by a dedicated T1 data circuit using a Cisco 1600 router on one end and a Cisco 1700 router on the other end to create 2 separate Layer 2 switched Ethernet subnets.

Main Campus:

8 - Compaq Servers (2 - DL380s, 3 - ProLiant 1600s, 1 - ProLiant 2500, 1 ProLiant 3000, 1 - ProLiant ML330 G2)
1 - Compaq StorageWorks SL2020 Dual Drive AIT Tape Library
1 - Compaq StorageWorks Disk Array with 14 - 36.4 GB, 15K Ultra 3 SCSI Hard Drives
Cisco PIX 515R (WAN, LAN, DMZ)
Cisco Catalyst 4006 (Supervisor II)
17 - 48 Port Cisco 2950 Ethernet Switches
4 - 24 Port Cisco 2950 Ethernet Switches
18 - Networked HP LaserJet Printers
350 - Gateway Pentium III Desktops
375 - Gateway Pentium 4 Desktops
150 - Gateway Wireless Laptop
5 - Orinoco Wireless Access Points
40 - Gateway Pentium II, III, 4 Laptops

This is a single subnet with 2 Microsoft Windows 2000 Server Domain Controllers that are also DNS Servers and a DHCP server. A single Active Directory Domain with 1 Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server, a file server, a Student Database server, an IIS Server (in the DMZ), a Microsoft Class Server and Terminal Server, and a Websense Filtering Server to compliment the Cisco PIX Firewall. All servers use Microsoft Windows 2000 Server or Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server.

The Ethernet switched network is a simple star pattern collapses back to the Catalyst 4006 on 1 GB Ethernet fiber links. There are 10 data closets using the Cisco 2950 Ethernet Switches. A single T1 connects the school to the Internet. Network monitoring is done from a single Gateway Pentium 4 Desktop.

Remote Building:

1 - Compaq ProLiant 2500
6 - 48 Port Cisco 2950 Ethernet Switches
8 - Networked HP LaserJet Printers
50 - Gateway Pentium III Desktops
35 - Gateway Pentium 4 Desktops
30 - Gateway Wireless Laptop
1 - Orinoco Wireless Access Points
5 - Gateway Pentium II, III, 4 Laptops

A simple subnet with a DNS, DHCP, and Active Directory Domain Services. This folds into the other Active Directory Domain to form one large Domain.

Please note the Desktop & Laptop numbers are a rough generalization and should not be used for determining or negotiating a Microsoft School Agreement.