MRTG Indexmaker for Dummies

You have created a working configuration file for MRTG (see CFGMAKER) and you have multiple targets (or interfaces). The problem is viewing each target one by one. If only there was a way to have a single webpage for all the targets.

Indexmaker to the rescue.

Open a command prompt

Open a DOS Window

Navigate to the MRTG Directory \mrtg\bin

Navigate to the MRTG Directory in the DOS Window

Type in the following command:

perl indexmaker --output intel510t.htm intel510t.cfg

"--output intel510t.htm" is the name of the webpage output file. Be sure and use the "htm"  extension.

"intel510t.cfg" is the name of the configuration file you want to use in making an index of targets.

Create the output file for a specific config file

This will generate a html webpage. You need to cut and paste it into the location of the other html webpages from the configuration files.

Move the file to the right directory

The index page will look like the sample below. (Please note the screen shot is cut off on the right hand side.)

Sample MRTG Index page

Now you can fully enjoy the benefits of MRTG Multi Router Traffic Grapher !